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We stock almost all Chinese-made lock picks and other locksmith supplies of various brands from different factories for you to order in bulk. Choose from our 500+ products catalog from over 10+ factories now!

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Chinese-made locksmith tools have the best cost performance, and trusted by locksmith everywhere, and are being sold by tools distributors all over the globe. We cooperated with all major Chinese locksmith tools factories, and we aim to be your one-stop supplier.

We have been in the locksmith tools business for more than 15 years, except direct-to-customer online selling services, we also stock tools for wholesale. Our service is to help you communicating with factories, managing stock and shipping goods for you, customizing the tools with your own logo whenever you need us to do.

Locksmith Tools

Other Locksmith Tools & Supplies We Can Supply

We’re a professional locksmith tools & supplies wholesaler from China. Besides GOSO branded tools we manufacture, we also stock many other Chinese-made locksmith tools for wholesale. We can also supply other locksmith supplies cover the following categories:

We offer not only a comparable price for all the locksmith tools, but also an affordable shipping rates to your country or destination.

We stock all major China locksmith tools of various brands all together.
We ship worldwide by int’l express: DHL, FedEx, UPS, at comparable price.
We’re known for our amazing team that’s ready to help you 24/7.

Other Services We Offer

We not only wholesale locksmith tools and supplies, but also offer additional services for you. We can help you combination shipping if you order from multiple vendors and make a single shipment. We can also help you labelling on each product with your own barcodes. What’s more, we can help you communicating with factories when you need customizing the product with your own logo.

Shipping Combination

We can combine shipping if you order from multiple vendors, and make a single shipment to you.

Int’l Express Delivery

We ship goods to most of our customers by int’l expresses, if you have your own logistics agent in China, we can also assist you.

Product Labelling

Are you selling on Amazon? Or you mange your stock with barcodes? No problem, we can help you labelling on each product.

Product Customization

Some customers need their own logos on products, we can help you communicating with the factory, and offer the OEM service for you.

Ordering Process

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We list all the locksmith tools we can supply on this website, when you’re browsing our website, you can always submit us an online form, and let us know which tools you’re interested in ordering.

We Make Quotation

Our agent will contact with you immediately when we receive your online form submission, and make quotation based on the communication with you. Most of our orders values from $2000 to $10,000, with shipping charges included.

Make Us Payment

You can make payment to us through PayPal, or Bank Wire. We accept both USD and EUR, and you can also do a local bank transfer to our bank account, for example, pay us by ACH if you’re from the USA.

Order Fulfillment

We will fulfill your order when we receive your payment. We’ll ship goods to you by FedEx/UPS/DHL or other int’l express as per your request. We can also put labels on each tool for your warehouse keeping purpose.