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Now introducing: Lishi Stye Lock Picks

China Locksmith Tools
Manufacturer & Supplier

We have huge selection of Chinese-made lock picks and locksmith supplies for wholesale. Choose from our 500+ products catalog from over 10+ factories now!

GOSO Locksmith Tools
HUK Lock Picks
Mr. Li Tools

Buying locksmith tools from China is a headache for middle to large sized wholesalers and online merchants who operates a large stock. We simplify your purchasing procedure by bringing all of the Chinese-made locksmith tools and supplies all in one marketplace.

There’re more than 10 locksmith tools brands in China, it’s a very complex work for you communicating with them when you’re replenishing your stock. Our work is to order from various factories for you and make one single shipment, at one time.

Locksmith Tools Collection

Our Main Focus

Locksmith Tools Collection

We stock all Chinese-made locksmith tools of all major brands, and wholesale them at an affordable price.

Key Cutting Machine

Key Duplicator Devices

Key Cutting Machine

We offer automatic, semi-automatic and manual key duplicators.

Safety Equipment

Home & Office Security

Safety Equipment

We offer varieties of home & office safety & security equipments.

Duplicate Remote

Vehicle Opening Solution

Original Lishi Tools

We offer 100% Original Lishi Tools Directly from Mr. Li’s factory.

Programming Devices

Key Programming Equipment

Programming Devices

We offer pogramming devices for duplicating a new key for vehicles.

All Chinese-made Locksmith Tools, All in One Marketplace, All at Comparable Price

At Lockpickcn, we bring all the major Chinese-made locksmith tools brands all in one marketplace.


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