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Mr. Li Zhiqin in Czech LockFest 2016


Lishi Tools (Also known as “Mr. Li Tools”) is a brand of locksmith tools that provides a unique system of lock picking and decoding of high-security locks, and they are designed to offer effective and efficient solutions for the automotive locksmith industry.

Lishi tools focus on two areas, picking and decoding of these high-security locks which provides locksmiths a better alignment on the operating mechanisms. They’re designed manually without automation, having e production with high standards of quality provides higher precision.

Used by professional locksmiths worldwide, Lishi tools for vehicles can pick and decode the lock to gain access to unlock car doors using minimal force. Whether the driver lost the car key, or accidental lockout or removing broken key Lishi has the array that can also determine the lock’s’ wafer codes and decode worn keys to remake without damaging lock components. Lishi Tools is among the most popular brands beloved by locksmith professionals for car door locks given suitability, simplicity & easy-to-use tools efficiency.

Mr. Li is the inventor of Lishi Tools. His full name is Li Zhiqin. He is a Chinese locksmith who founded the Lishi Tool Company with the aim of producing precision tools specifically for locksmithing. Mr. Li is an electrical engineer by profession but has been working in the locksmith industry for more than 40 years.

The idea of developing the Lishi Tools came to him when he faced difficulty in opening high-security locks, especially car locks. He wanted to invent and offer locksmith another route through powerless means.

Mr. Li has revolutionized the locksmith industry with the invention of Lishi Tools. He has become a bankable and top-rated locksmith and acquired recognition including national and provincial technological awards.

Today, Mr. Li is often regarded as a leader in the locksmithing industry, and thousands of locksmiths around the world use his Lishi tools daily.

LockFest 2016 was an event for locksmiths, fitters, and other companies involved in the supply and installation of locks. It took place from September 24–25, 2016 at the Hotel Thermal in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. The event included demonstrations of what is portrayed in films.

Mr. Li attended in the event, and please watch the video and see how easy it is to pick and decode the latest VAG group lock that was introduced in 2015. Lishi Tools are an excellent choice for locksmiths who need to pick and decode VAG locks accurately, efficiently, and non-destructively. Lishi tools include a range of precision instruments that are designed to precisely manipulate the various components of a lock mechanism.

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