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KLOM 4 Pieces Comb Padlock Picks

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A comb pick is more a bypass tool then it is a pick. The whole idea of this tool is to lift the pins and lift them all the way up, out of the plug. If all pins are cramped up in the housing of the lock, there is nothing blocking the sheerline and the plug can rotate. Then just turn the Comb pick like a key.

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A comb pick is a lockpicking tool designed to pick pin-tumbler locks by moving all pin stacks completely above the shear line, leaving no obstructions to prevent rotation of the plug.

Comb picks may either compress springs or forcibly remove poorly fastened chamber casings to allow springs and pins to be moved further.

Balanced pin stacks are used to prevent this technique. In addition, the use of screwed or riveted chamber casings prevent forced removal of the chamber casing.

Weight 80 g


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