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Original Lishi TOY38R 2in1 Decoder and Pick for Toyota/Daihatsu


Original Lishi TOY38R 2in1 Decoder and Pick is designed for Toyota, Daihatsu [Single Lifter, TOY38 (FLAT 8-CUT)]

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Original Lishi TOY38R 2in1 Decoder and Pick is designed for Toyota, Daihatsu [Single Lifter, TOY38 (FLAT 8-CUT)]

List of makes and models (for guidance only)


Early models (pre chip), 4 Runner, Carina, Celia, Corolla, Cressida, Hiace Van, Hilux Van, Landcruiser, (Later models – chipped), Echo 1999-2005, MR2 1997-2007, Plaz (J) 1999-2002, Starlet 1997-1999 & Yaris 1999-2005


Charade 1998-2004, Copen 2002-2008, Cuore 2007 onwards, Feroza 1995-1998, Materia 2006-2008, Sirion 1998 onwards, Terios 1997 onwards, Trevis 2007 onwards & YRV 2000-2005

Original Lishi is just Mr. Li’s original tools, the name is to distinguish from another similar brand – “Genuine Lishi”. Mr. Li, the designer, creator, inventor of all Lishi tools, has no relationship with European “Genuine Lishi” today. To be more clear, Genuine Lishi is made by Mr. Li’s ex business partner Tradelocks (aka. UAP Limited) that essentially stole the concept from him and patented it state side or some nonsense. The ones with the logo of Mr. Li are the genuine ones. The ones with the Genuine Lishi logos are the knock-offs.

Original Lishi Tools had an oval “Lishi” logo on each tool before the year 2014, and later, Mr. Li’s face were etched in. Please always look for the ‘Mr Li’ face logo for a guaranteed original Mr Li product. Original Lishi Tools is the most effective way to unlock and decode vehicle locks whilst at the scene. The tools we supply are from the original manufacturer, ensuring quality and supply is guaranteed. There are currently more than 120 tools available. Professionals all over the world already use Mr Li’s vehicle opening tools today, Original Lishi always make their job so much easier.

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