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Unlock the Potential – Lishi LW5 Lock Pick

Total Noobs Pick Locks in Seconds w/Lishi Picks

The Lishi LW5 is a professional lock pick designed to quickly open Australian Lock C4/Lockwood 5 pin locks (SIlca LW5 keyway). Engineered with speed and ease of use in mind, the LW5 gives locksmiths the power to breeze through wafer lockouts and impressed customers with their skills.

The LW5 features Lishi’s signature ergonomic handle paired with strategically notched picks calibrated specifically for 5-pin Lockwood locks. The clever notches align with Lockwood’s unique wafer configurations, allowing the LW5 to glide effortlessly into the lock, locate the wafers, and pop open the mechanism within seconds.

With consistent practice, locksmiths can master the tactile feedback of the LW5 and sense each wafer tumble into place. The durable steel composition ensures long-lasting performance and allows locksmiths to apply moderate torque when needed.

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned pro, the Lishi LW5 is your key to unlocking your potential on Lockwood brand wafer locks. Never waste time single pin picking or risk damage with invasive picking again. With the LW5 in your toolkit, Lockwood wafer locks will no longer slow you down. Unlock the full potential of your skills with the Lishi advantage.

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